IPNet: Inverse Problems Network

The IPNet is a free network for researchers working the area of Inverse and/or Ill-Posed Problems. The goal is to promote communication between scientists working in these areas, to provide a newsletter 'IPNet Digest' for notices and scientific queries of general interest, and to provide a central database of up-to-date e-mail addresses, institutional affiliations, and websites of members. A directory of IPNet subscribers is available below.

The organizer of the IPNet and the current editor of the IPNet Digest is Patricia Lamm of Michigan State University.

IPNet Directories

Directory of IPNet subscribers
All subscribers, with mail/e-mail information and research interests.

Directory of Past IPNet Digests

Directory of Past IPNet Digest Appendices

Features of the IPNet

IPNet subscription information
Join the IPNet or modify an existing IPNet subscription. The IPNet is free of charge.
IPNet Digest
All mail sent to ipnet-digest[at]math.msu.edu will be considered for inclusion in the IPNet Digest. Those mail messages thought to be of general interest to the members of the IPNet will combined in a 'news digest' format and sent periodically to all members of the IPNet. Submissions may be edited for length.

Email addresses for the IPNet

These email addresses are used as part of the IPNet:


address for submissions to the IPNet Digest


address for questions and problems relating to IPNet subscriptions.

Other websites with information related to Inverse Problems

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